Are you a UK company processing large amounts of data in the EU?

If you don't have a EU base you need a EU data representative

Your Data Representative can be a natural or legal person (like an attorney or specialist) located in the EU member state where you process the most data.

I happen to live in France, so if you are processing a lot of data from here (or evenly from around Europe) I can help you fulfil your legal obligation.

What's the difference between a DPO and an EU data representative?

A Data protection officer (DPO) is a critical part of an organization's GDPR compliance efforts and often a full-time job. They also assume a public-facing role and receive communications from data subjects.

Your GDPR EU Data Representative is just a go-between for you and the European Union.

Who am I?

My name is Claire Trévien an I'm a freelance B2B content marketer based in France and mostly working with UK and USA businesses. I've written whitepapers on cybersecurity and GDPR, and been invited to speak at events on the impact of GDPR on social media. So whilst I am not a full on data officer or legal brain, I am familiar with the ins and outs of GDPR and well informed from my practical experience with it.

I'd love to help you fulfil your obligations for a £150 monthly retainer. For that cost I will receive legal documents for the company as an authorized agent in a secure PO box and maintain records of processing activities.

Let's work together