Are breton startups extra-terrestrials? In conversation with Thibault Reinhart

Here is a new interview in my series dedicated to business leaders in Brittany. The goal? Discover what makes Breton startups and other businesses unique.

Next up is Thibault Reinhart, co-founder of Ino-Rope, one of the Breton start-ups is making waves at the moment… Let’s find out why …

Claire Trévien: So what is Ino-Rope today: summarize it in one sentence!

Thibault Reinhart: Integrator of synthetic fibre solutions for boating and industry!

CT: You co-founded Ino-Rope in 2013 and now it’s 6 years later – is that what you imagined at the beginning of this adventure?

TR: No, because our first approach was to find companies that wanted to produce our ideas. After two years of more or less advanced research and contacts, we decided to just do it ourselves!

We never measured the commitment needed for such a project and that’s good 🙂 otherwise, no one would mount a project like this 🙂

We never measured the commitment needed for such a project and that's good, otherwise, no one would mount a project like this! Click To Tweet

CT: If you had the opportunity to go back and do something a little differently, what would it be?

TR: So many little things, projects taken on earlier … but I’m not used to looking at things like that! We advance, we do bullshit, we analyse, and we try to never do the same!

CT: What kind of manager are you? Has this evolved with the growth of Ino-Rope?

TR: I believe a lot in humans! I try to give my employees a maximum of freedom in their area. I try to protect them as much as possible and not to scare them too much, especially when we have cash flow issues …

I meet with everyone once a week or they all get a chance to speak, my office is open 24hours and I watch over them to chase away the slightest worry

Of course, my way of doing things has evolved, cf. the previous point, at least I hope so 🙂 otherwise I wouldn’t be applying to myself what I ask of others 🙂

CT: How would you describe the experience of being a start-up in Brittany? Are there any challenges that are particular to the region?

TR: We are not many, so I want to think that we have better visibility … the counterpart of that, is that we have no point to gauge, to exchange between carrier project … But nothing especially different when compared to other regions …

The various services that accompany the projects are perhaps a little more advanced and a little slower … sometimes we feel a little bit like extra-terrestrials 🙂

CT: What does the future hold for Ino-Rope?

TR: Full of beautiful industrial projects with international reach, a website that runs well, new proofs of concept …


Thank you very much to Thibault Reinhart for this interview.


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