How to keep your evergreen content evergreen

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen refers to content that has longevity and that won’t go out of date easily. Evergreen blogs, videos, whitepapers, and other types of content can keep attracting visitors to you for months if not years after it was posted. As a result, this content tends to be useful, problem-solving or myth-busting, as these are the types of things people will keep searching answers for. Creating evergreen resources should be a part of every content marketing strategy, whether your business is B2B or B2C.

Some fictional examples of evergreen content would be:

Example 1: Which type of shoe is best for flat-footed women? (written by a shoe shop)
Why is it evergreen? Women with flat feet will always be looking for shoes – this kind of content will intrigue them as it suggests the possibility of other types of shoes than what they currently go for.
How does it work for that business? It can help boost sales for the shop by linking each type of shoe to a category of items for sale for example.
Warning: Make sure any links you have to the shop remain solid. If you revamp your website’s database system radically and the links are dead, your evergreen content will be less effective.

Example 2: Can pharmaceutical companies advertise in Europe? (written by an advertising agency).
Why is it evergreen? There will always be questions surrounding pharmaceutical advertising, particularly how it differs from one geographical area to the next. If an agency created this piece of content, they could elucidate the different restrictions and regulations in a few countries and guide pharma companies on their options.
How it works for that business? It’s an opportunity to showcase the work and expertise of the advertising agency, thereby reassuring pharma companies that they would be a great choice to wok with.
Warning: Make sure this content stays up to date with the latest regulations for it to stay relevant.

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When does evergreen content fail?

Evergreen content can be one of the largest and most consistent drivers of traffic to your website. However, if it isn’t done well, this can count as a negative for your company rather than a boon. Here are a few things that can dent the effect of your evergreen post:

  • The links are dead. Websites come and go and it’s not unusual for blog posts, resources, or entire websites to disappear. If your evergreen post leads to various dead ends, it’s a sign that it’s old, which will make readers trust it less.
  • The advice/information is out of date. While the purpose of evergreen is to not be a victim of the whims of time, the specifics might not always age well. For instance, the regulation you refer to could have evolved beyond recognition, the tool you recommend might no longer exist, the platform you are writing about has new relevant features you don’t discuss. Omissions and errors like these can age your evergreen content, making it feel less like a fount of knowledge and more like a stagnant dribble.

However, above all, an evergreen piece of content fails if a) it lacks authority and b) it is difficult to read/watch due to poor writing or formatting. If you want your content to stand the test of time, then it is crucial that you tackle these:

  • It lacks authority. Remember, evergreen content is often about answering a Frequently Asked Question. This means you need to come up with an answer that has substance and can help the reader/viewer.
  • It is difficult to read/watch due to poor writing. Poor writing is writing that has failed at communication for a variety of reasons. These could include: overstuffing the piece with jargon, lacking a clear structure, convoluted sentences, and so forth.
  • It is difficult to read/watch due to formatting. As an example, if your evergreen blog post was published on a website that isn’t responsive and mobile-friendly, then it might be a pain for someone reading it today from their phone. Again, as you update your website, make sure older pieces can still be read or viewed easily.
An evergreen piece of content fails if a) it lacks authority and b) it is difficult to read/watch due to poor writing or formatting Click To Tweet

How do you ensure your evergreen content stays successful?

The secret is to check up on your evergreen content every few months. If you create your content then forget it, you are cutting short its longevity.

Here is a handy checklist when reviewing your evergreen content:

  • Are there any dead links?
  • Is any of the advice out of date?
  • Does the content work on all devices (mobile, tablet, computer)?
  • Can I edit it to improve its authority/readability?
  • Is it optimised for SEO?

It’s also important that you keep sharing your evergreen content. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Share it on popular Q&A sites to help users with their queries. For example Quora, subject-specific message boards, and the comments section of relevant blog posts and videos.
  • Make it a part of your social media queue. Social media management tools such as Quuu allow you to identify evergreen content and keep recycling it to your audience. Alternatively, Missing Lett_r makes it easy to create a year’s worth of social media campaigning for your evergreen post.
  • Integrate it to your onboarding or sales interactions. Evergreen content can be a powerful demonstration of your company’s expertise and ethos – share the usefulness with your clients and prospects!
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Should you create evergreen content?

Absolutely! Done well, evergreen content will keep attracting new visitors and clients to you with relatively little maintenance. While it’s not quite the mythical ‘create then forget’ marketers might hope it will be – the ROI is nevertheless significant. Invest in resources to ensure its success.

Need ideas for evergreen content topics? I recommend Answer the Public – type in a keyword that’s relevant for your business and see the questions users have typed into search engines!







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