3 reasons why your business needs a blog

1. It’s a sign of life

Your business looks clinically dead if your blog posts stopped a year ago. Whenever I research a company, their blog is my first stop. If it’s listed up there in the header, or clearly linked to on the homepage, but it hasn’t been updated in forever (or only has a placeholder post from 2007 promising exciting content soon!!) then the diagnosis isn’t good.

On the other hand, if a business has an active blog, then it’s a sign that they’re a forward-thinking company aware of the benefits of engaging online.

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2. It’s a sign of humanity

Blogs are the best place to get a sense of a company’s personality through:

  • the people writing it – how many people are contributing to it? Who are they?
  • the angle of the blog posts – what kind of topics are they covering? what purposes are they serving? i.e are the posts there for lead generation purposes or to help their existing client base?

A blog is, therefore, a good place to start when researching whether a company is a good fit for your needs.

3. It’s a sign of responsiveness

When you’re engaging in high level transactions you want to know that the company you are investing in is going to be quick off the mark when it comes to any issues. A company that blogs regularly projects the image of a company that works in the present and is accessible. It also projects the image of a company with its finger on the pulse.

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Bonus: here’s how you can recycle your blog posts into months’ worth of content:


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