How to revive your dormant LinkedIn account in 3 easy steps!

Every day I talk to people who say things like: “I keep meaning to go back on my LinkedIn” or “I haven’t touched it in 5 years, I can’t face it”.

So I thought I’d write up a blog post with some nice and easy actionable ways to wake up your account. Think of them as the equivalent of a fresh link of paint!

1. Sort out the basics

If you haven’t touched your account in years, then chances are it’s very out of date indeed. Here are some essentials:

  • New profile photo. One where we can see your face clearly please.
  • A new headline
  • A new summary
  • Add any positions you’ve had since you last logged in

While the photo and the job listing are straightforward to do, the sections that tend to stump people are the headline and summary. They’re pretty scary, right?

1.1 Headline Tips

If you want to take inspiration from mine, here is a formula for your headline:

Describe briefly what your job is, don’t necessarily put your job title as it might be too obscure! In my case I went for B2B Freelance Writer / Digital Marketing Strategist as they include keywords I want to be found for.


Show off something you’ve done or are, for example: which clients do you work with? Have you won any awards? Do you have some impressive figure to share? For example, I went for Top 50 most influential content marketer.


Your new headline!

Headlines now appear everywhere, including in comments you leave on other people’s posts, so they’re definitely worth spending time on.

LinkedIn headlines now appear everywhere, including in comments you leave on other people’s posts, so they’re definitely worth spending time on. Click To Tweet

1.2 Summary Tips

This is the first thing people will read when they visit your profile, so think of it as an opportunity to explain what it is you do, and who you can help.

As with all self-promotion, I think it’s a lot easier to do if you reframe it as “How can I help XYZ” rather than “How can I sell myself”.

As with all self-promotion, I think it’s a lot easier to do if you reframe it as “How can I help XYZ” rather than “How can I sell myself”. Click To Tweet

Here is a breakdown of how you could draft your new summary:

Sentence 1: A succinct summary of what you do

Sentence 2: How do you help/how have you helped clients before. Any success stories work great here.

Sentence 3: How should people contact you.

You can also add media to this section, so if you’d rather they do the talking attach links to SlideShares, blog posts and more.

1.3 Bonus Tips

If you’ve sorted out the above, go a step further and click on “Edit public profile & URL”.

In this section you can personalise the URL of your public profile, mine for example is because that’s the same username as I have on Twitter and Instagram.

You can also decide which sections are visible and to whom here.

2. Share a piece of content!

Nothing makes your profile spring to life like sharing content so go forth and post. You have a couple of options here, such as:

  • A simple status. Just tell everyone that you’re back on LinkedIn and are excited to see what is happening on the network. Friendly and honest – you’ll be surprised at how many connections will want to come and say hi
  • Share a link to a project you are proud of and/or that is relevant to your industry. How about a blog post your company created? Or an article that resonated with you. Do add your own thoughts about the piece as you share it.
  • How about a video? LinkedIn native videos are very popular, and you don’t need any technical skills to post one – just a smartphone will do. Record yourself saying hi and updating your network on what you’ve been up to

Bonus: join Quuu if you want brilliant relevant content to be automatically posted to your profile!

3. Follow some brilliant people

It’s very likely that you have a long list of connection requests waiting for you to accept them (and I would say, don’t be too discriminating about it, you never know which new connection will turn out to be fantastic!)

Once you’ve done that, it’s time for you to go forth and discover exciting new voices.

To help start you off, I thought I’d share with you 5 of my favourites:

  • String Nguyen – simply one of the most generous souls on LinkedIn – she uses her videos to showcase some amazing entrepreneurs, she uses her profile to help professionals connect with each other, and her content is generally a thing of joy.
  • Brittany Berger – the content marketing unicorn is a woman after my own heart. As passionate about carving out the Boring from B2B. Her videos are useful and quirky at the same time, go and follow her!
  • Robynn Storey – confession: I actually like recruiters and its related industry! There were so many I could have picked for this brief list, but I wanted to highlight Robynn, who owns Storeyline Resumes (the most liked Exec Resume Service on LinkedIn) because she comes across as someone on the side of candidates – understanding the hours of prep that go in applying and interviewing for roles.
  • Dylan Hey – I discovered Dylan Hey through a video originally – it was concise, obviously filmed on the fly (aka authentic) and immediately useful to me. Win, win!
  • Stéfanie Fiori – she is bringing social selling to France in a big way and I love seeing how content marketing and social selling are evolving across the channel through her posts. It’s part of the reason why I think now is the right time for me to move back to France (watch this space!)

There you go! Do let me know if you’ve successfully woken up your LinkedIn profile in the comments and I will happily follow you!


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